Refund policy

Each item bought on the site can be returned. ScaglioneIschia desires always the customer satisfaction, so the company guarantees the return (even without any reason) of all purchases; the customer is only required to comply with the following rules:

To request return’s authorization (pursuant to and in accordance with d.lgs 21/2014, art.52),the customer must send a request ( by email- phone-fax- letter) within 14 days from order reception, to:

Scaglione Group S.r.l.
Via Delle Terme 38
80077 ischia (na)
tel/fax +39 081991329

ScaglioneIschia will authorize the return within the working next 24 hours of request reception.
The return can be requested from the user area of the site by clicking on "Request return" in correspondence with the order.

ScaglioneIschia puts on each item a security seal that cannot be removed / tampered with, on pain of forfeiture of the right of withdrawl. 
The cost of the return shipment are at customer expense (pursuant to and in accordance with d.lgs 21/2014, art.57); just in case of a defective item or a mistakenly sent product, the cost of the return shipment are covered by ScaglioneIschia. In case of defective/ wrong items ScaglioneIschia asks a photographic evidence of the problem before authorizing the return.

To request the return, customer has to complete the following schedule and send it to ScaglioneIschia:

The customer can choose from two types of compensation:
- change size / item
It is possible to change to a different size or a different color of the same item, if available. alternatively you can make the change with a different article.
There is only one free returnable for each authorized return.
- refund
Refunds will be processed when ScaglioneIschia receives, verificates and accepts the refund products.
For orders paid by credit card, the amount repaid will be available to customers in about 10 days, and will still be visible on the next card statement. timing may changes slightly depending on the banking system of credit card used.
For orders paid by PayPal or bank transfer, the amount will be returned to the original account.
The return must arrive  at ScaglioneIschia within 15 days of the return authorization to the customer by ScaglioneIschia.

Each apparel must be returned with all labels, packaging and accessories (hangers, garment covers etc.) received with the order. All footwear and accessories must be returned together with their original box, which is considered an integral part of the product itself and that must not have been in any way damaged and / or altered. in the event that the customer receives defective goods, or that errors in shipments by ScaglioneIschia, is required to follow the same instructions above.
ScaglioneIschia reserves the right to request photographic evidence before allowing returns for defective goods and bear the shipping costs for the return of the goods at his premises.
all returned merchandise is subject to inspection by ScaglioneIschia and must comply with all parameters listed in the return process.
ScaglioneIschia reserves the right to impose a charge equal to 10% of the value of the returned goods in case where the customer doesn't accept delivery of the goods and/or in case the return does not comply with all terms and conditions set by our returns policy. ScaglioneIschia reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns or shipped by couriers other than courier reported in the mail return authorization. The acceptance of such acts nonetheless made a charge equal to 10% of the value of the returned goods.


Any import taxes must be paid by the costumer at the time of delivery of the products.
If the package can not be delivered by courier because of a failed collaboration by the customer or for a wrong communication of personal data during the purchase or for any custom problems, it could be sent back to ScaglioneIschia at the expense of customer (including any import taxes charged at the time of the return in Italy).These costs will be deducted from any final refund.

The customer-consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his profession) may exercise the right of withdrawal (and cancel the contract for any reason).
To exercise this right (pursuant to and in accordance with d.lgs 21/2014, art.49, comma 4), the customer must send ScaglioneIschia a notice within 14 working days from the date of delivery of the goods together with the authorization form that will ScaglioneIschia arranged to send to the client.
The communication must be sent directly to ScaglioneIschia (by e-mail – phone – fax- letter) 


The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:
the products must be returned intact and in original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories); 
to limit damage to the original packaging the company recommends, when possible, to put it in another box (it prohibited the application of labels or tape on the original packaging of the product); 
attention:the shipment until the arrival in our store  is under the full responsibility of the customer. 
attention: the security seal must be intact.
ScaglioneIschia group isn’t responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments. in no case, parcels cash or in carriage will be refund.

Except any repair costs for damage to the original, ScaglioneIschia will refund the customer the full amount for the product no later than 14 days from the notice of withdrawal. refund payment may be delayed until receipt of goods for verification of them or until acknowledged by the despatch customer.
If the payment was made by credit card, refund will be made by transfer of the amount charged on the credit card; in the case of payment by bank transfer, the buyer shall promptly provide their bank details (IBAN).
The cost of any customs charges during return of the goods are covered by the customer and will be deducted from ScaglioneIschia upon redemption.

The right of withdrawal decades when ScaglioneIschia finds:
- using, also incomplete, of the apparel;
-  the lack of the outer and / or internal packaging; 
- the absence of product components; 
- damage to the product for reasons other than transportation;
- removing / tampering with the safety seal
In the cases above, ScaglioneIschia will return to sender the property purchased by charging to the costumer the shipping costs.

All communication or customer’s complaints against ScaglioneIschia, relatively to purchase contracts,  should be directed to customer service writing to:

The purchase agreement between the customer and ScaglioneIschia is concluded in italy and regulated by italian law. any dispute will be referred to the judicial authorities of Naples.

For the processing of personal data by ScaglioneIschia, please refer to the specific area of the site.